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Chess page by Dusan Stamenkovic

For all chess fans that collect chess games, I hope you will find this site interesting and fun to explore. You will have a choice to search, download and explore over 1,400,000 games from my collection and create or update your own database. Also, you can view my collection of chess engines.
I fell in love with chess at my early age, and about age 12 I developed a habit of collecting chess games from local newspapers, magazines and books that I came across. Habit became a hobby and over the years I was able to collect over 30,000 games manually (literally cutting games from newspapers and gluing them into my collection book). And, of course, in last decade with Internet and high speed modems, it become much more easier to collect large amounts of games in short time.
In order to view chess games from PGN files, you are going to need Chess Viewer. If you don't have one, I recommend ChessPad, Winboard and ChessX. I also recommend free Java applet MyChessViewer and free chess database application Scid.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please E-mail me at dustam@chessmosaic.com. Happy hunting!